10 searches = 1 plastic bottle.

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Clearing the Oceans, one search at a time

Replace your usual search engine with Surf Clear and for every 10 searches we will remove one plastic bottle from the Ocean.

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Complete Transparency

We publish full monthly accounts so you can see where our income goes.

In Good Company

We put charity first and are a company with a difference. Read more about surfclear.org.

Environment Friendly

Servers use a lot of power. All of ours run entirely on renewable energy.

Absolute Privacy

We don't sell your data to advertisers and we don't track your searches.

Plastic, the challenge of our lifetime


Times more pieces of plastic in the Oceans than stars in the sky


Billion tonnes of plastic produced since 1950


Percent of all plastic produced has been thrown away


Million tonnes of plastic enters the Oceans each year


We directly fund the removal of Ocean plastics

Incredibly, if just 0.1% of the World's daily Internet searches went through Surf Clear instead of Google we would be able to fund the removal of 330,000 plastic bottles! Search engines generate profit from adverts displayed within the search results. Unlike other search engines, we donate 100% of our profits with an average of 10 searches generating enough revenue to remove the equivalent of one plastic bottle from the Ocean.


We've partnered with 4Ocean who convert our search revenue into plastics directly recovered from the Oceans.
4Ocean was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world.

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