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Search engines generate money through advertising (sponsored links that appear at the top of your search results are adverts that are paid for by websites to promote themselves). Surf Clear is an incredibly simple way for you to help raise money for charity - instead of profiting from the advertising revenue, we donate 100% of our profits to charity.

Using Surf Clear is easy. Simply use our website instead of your usual search engine and you will immediately start helping with just 10 searches funding the removal of one plastic bottle from the Ocean!

Its completely free of charge, you don't need to register or provide any personal details and the best of it all is that it works just like any other search engine as we've partnered with Bing who provide our search results.

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How we work with 4Ocean to recover Ocean plastic

Your searches directly fund the work carried out by 4Ocean. They use a variety of methods to remove plastic from the Oceans including:

The best way to recover plastic is by using our own two hands, fishing nets, or other tools.

Having the right vessel is extremely important because each ecosystem is unique.

We often leverage boom systems to stop plastic before it can get into the ocean.

Developing clean ocean technologies improves our cleaning efficiency.

Every pound recovered is documented and tracked

4Ocean take the cleanup operations seriously and always go the extra mile to ensure their crews are maximizing their impact. That’s why they document and track each and every pound of trash they recover.

What happens to the ocean plastic we recover?

Once it’s weighed, photographed, and documented, the recovered ocean plastic is transported to regional operational bases where it’s sorted by type, color, and condition before being sent to recycling partners for washing, flaking, and pelletizing.

While recycling is always the highest priority, there are certain materials that are just too contaminated, deterioried, or otherwise not feasible to recycle in certain countries. When this happens, we partner with various local facilities to find the most sustainable method of disposal.

After all other methods of recycling are exhausted, we are sometimes forced to dispose of the materials through thermal treatment, which is the conversion of trash to electricity, or by responsibly landfilling the materials.

Trust and Transparency

We understand that you need to trust us.
This is why we publish full monthly accounts showing how much money was raised and the amounts donated to plastic removal. We also display certificates confirming the weight of plastic that your searches have recovered.

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We launched in January 2021 and are excited to soon be launching a Surf Clear toolbar and app to make searching even easier.

If you'd like any further information in the meantime, please get in touch or read our FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.

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